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The parasol without compromise


The Vortex is a no compromise solution for elegant, durable shade and shelter. Designed and developed with the customer in mind, Vortex is the solution for customers who don't want to spend time, money and effort managing and maintaining parasols.

Vortex parasols deliver everything you want from a parasol, all year round. From shade in the long summer days, to shelter and warmth on the darkest winter evenings, Vortex parasols are engineered to withstand the elements all year round.

Precision engineered in Britain, control over the delivery and the quality of the Vortex parasols is retained. With short lead times and very simple installation, Vortex parasols can be deployed quickly and easily.

With an ever-growing range of installation options and accessories such as heating, lighting, cooling systems, speakers and TVs, Vortex parasols are providing shade and shelter, warmth, cooling and entertainment to customers around the world.

Double 4.2m Vortex Knights Enham

The All Weather, Year-Round Parasol

The Vortex parasol is designed to be left up and open all year round. Manufactured in the UK, using state-of-the-art precision engineering machinery to guarantee quality and superior finishing, the Vortex Parasol has been specifically designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.

The Vortex Parasol is the only parasol in the UK BS certified to withstand wind speeds in excess of 100km/h. This makes the Vortex Parasol the parasol of choice for outdoor areas such as schools, restaurants, hotels, pub gardens, market areas, patios and alfresco dining areas.

All frames are made from 316 grade stainless steel, selected for its strength, durability and resistance to tarnishing.

Knoll Beach Stokes Bay
vortex parasol dimension diagram
Sizes & Dimensions
Vortex 3x4m Vortex 4.2m Vortex 2.8m
Rectangle Square
metric imperial metric imperial metric imperial
Size (a)
3m x 4m
9.8 x 13.1ft 4.2m 13.9ft 2.8m 9.2ft
Mast Diameter
76mm 3in 76mm 3in 76mm 3in
Head Clearance (b)
2270mm 89.37in 2270mm 89.37in 2100mm 82.67in
Total Height (c)
3845mm 151.38in 3800mm 149.60in 3200mm 125.98in
Closed Clearance (d)
780mm 30.71in 410mm 16.14in 1050mm 41.33in
Surface Area
12m^2 129.17ft^2 17.6m^2
189.44ft^2 7.8m^2 83.96ft^2


Choose from a selection of base and mounting options - in-ground, above ground, or matching your decor.

In-ground parasol bases provide a permanent fixing and are the best method of installation. Alternatively, deck mount or free-standing parasol base options are available for installation almost anywhere. The Fast Bar is the ideal solution to provide a free standing pole-mounted table to Vortex parasols.

VORTEX Parasol Canopies

With 52 colours available, Vortex can be specified to create an eye-catching splash of colour, complement an existing theme, or blend into the background. Choose a beautiful colour tone from one of the colour palettes to ensure the right colour for your own environment.

All canopies are manufactured from durable and long lasting Ferrari 502 Satin (10 year limited warranty) or Ferrari 6002 Stam (5 year limited warranty). The fabric is ideally suited for most climatic conditions, is easy to clean and will ensure years of service.

Ferrari 502 Satin is a preferred architectural element of choice available in a wide range of colours to ensure creative variety, high-performance protection against heat and bad weather, unmatched strength and great resistance to dirt.

STAM 6002 composite material is distinctive due to its unique grainy aspect, recalling woven textile. Its matt finish minimises unwanted reflection.

Ferrair 502 Satin and Stam 6002 are 100% waterproof, recyclable, fire-rated, resistant to UV radiation and dirt.

For further details & colours for the canopy materials please see our download page.

Powder Coated Frames

Vortex frames can be powder coated to a RAL colour of your choice to further enhance the Vortex parasols. Choose a RAL colour to match existing décor, a corporate colour or just to stand out from the crowd.

Heating & Lighting

Heating, lighting, cooling, audio & visual options are available for the Vortex Parasol. Extend your outdoor area all-day, every day with one, or all, of our options.


For further details please download the Vortex brochure or for more information on our services, please contact Solent Sail Shades Ltd on 01489 788243 or use our contact form.

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