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Posts, Pads, Laundry, Maintenance & Repairs


posts example

We can supply a wide range of posts to suit your installation.

Steel is our preferred choice, though aluminium is also available.

Our steel posts are hot dipped galvanised. Post dimensions vary and are dependant on the size & number of sails you wish to install, and the ground conditions. Steel posts can be powder coated in a colour of your choice. Various lengths are available. Steel posts are suitable for ready-made and bespoke sail shades. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

aluminium post

Specifically for the small ready-made sails (3.6m Triangle & Square, 5m Triangle), our aluminium ‘masts’ have a slider to alter the height of the sail. Once the posts are installed and the sail attached to the slider, you can adjust the angle and/or height of the sail as required. The posts also have the added advantage of being removable, leaving just a flushing fitting cap on show.

These posts are available with a in-ground or deck fixing, either vertical or angled at 75° and are 2.6m in length. Wall mounted posts are also available. Aluminium Posts can be bought from our online shop.

in ground 75 insert 90 insert in ground screw deck mount slider wall bracket cover plate

Ready to buy? Visit our Online Shop.

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Post Pads

post pads example post pads colour disks

Schools and nurseries should cover up exposed posts, pillars and columns or risk children running into them and being injured, and face the risk of expensive litigation.

Our pads are custom made to fit snugly around the post; are made from high-impact resistant foam, and from hardwearing PVC rip-stop covers.The pads have a concealed Velcro strip running the length from top to bottom and can be easily attached and removed.

  • Standard size is 1.5m x 50mm thick.
  • Square or round profile available.
  • Choice of 19 colours.

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sail cleaning

Awnings - Summer, Sun, Spotlessly Clean
Professional cleaning of Awnings, sun canopies, sail shades, tents and tarpaulins.

When was the last time you thought of thoroughly cleaning your sun protection?

Over time, contamination is caused by insects and birds or by environmental impacts, such as soot, mildew, etc. This will make your sun protection unsightly.

The procedure not only gently and effectively cleans but also impregnates the material and protects it against new stains. Your sun protection looks fresh and clean again!

The advantages:

  • Gentle and effective cleaning.
  • Stain treatment and removal of soot, grease, mildew, etc.
  • Water- and dirt-repellent deep impregnation.
  • The fabric remains breathable.
  • All treatment products used are environmentally friendly.
  • All textiles are delivered in a dry and ready-to-use state.

Please contact us for further details.

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Maintenance, Repairs and Winter Storage

Although sails are capable of being permanently installed, there may come a time when a sail needs tightening, a repair needs doing or even, to prolong the life of your sail, you would like the sail removed temporarily e.g. for the winter. We can carry out all of these.

Our Winter storage service is particularly popular with schools. We will arrange a convenient time to come in and remove the sail in late Autumn. We would inspect the sail for any wear or damage, including the hardware, and report back our findings. We will then either take the sail away for storage and/or repairs, or leave the sail with the school. In the new year, we will arrange another convenient time in early spring for the sail to be reinstalled.

  • Sail tightening.
  • General inspection of sail, hardware and post conditions.
  • Hardware replacement.
  • Sail repairs.
  • Sail removal and reinstallation.
  • Storage.

Anything not on the list? Then please contact us to discuss your needs.

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