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Bespoke Sails

sail shade
sail shade
sail shade
  • Bespoke sail manufactured to meet your individual requirements.
  • Can be supplied for DIY Installation or installed by Solent Sail Shades Ltd at cost (subject to survey) fitting.
  • Choose between the standard knitted Commercial 95 (Com95) or the high strength and long lasting Monotec370 shade cloths for UV protection and shade; the waterproof STAM6002, or the Ferrari 502 for ultimate all weather protection.
  • Wide choice of colours.
  • • Webbed hems (Commercial 95, Monotec 370, STAM6002) or reinforcing stainless steel wire rope within a hem pocket (Ferrari 502) for long life performance.
  • GORE® TENARA® thread used on all sails where appropriate. Ordinary polyester thread fibre breaks down over time due to exposure to UV sunlight, cleaning agents, saltwater and extreme weather. TENARA® thread is not affected by these agents, making it ideal for outdoor use.
  • Choose from either steel poles that have been hot dipped galvanised or powder coated (in your choice of colour). Either will ensure long life with minimal maintenance.
  • A wide range of Stainless Steel fittings can be supplied.
  • Trade & Retail welcome.

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For further information see our downloads page


Commercial 95 shade fabrics has been engineered using time-proven monofilament and tape lock-stitch construction to ensure optimum performance regardless of installation conditions. The fabric won't deteriorate or fray, and the high-quality construction provides for long-lasting performance, superior UV protection and unmatched strength. And it carries a worldwide 10 year warranty against UV degradation. Commercial 95 architectural fabric offers the ultimate combination of maximum sun protection, strength and durability to ensure maintenance free long-life performance.

  • High quality heavy duty shadecloth.
  • A very strong and stable outdoor fabric for use in tension structures and shade sails.
  • Provides extremely high levels of UV protection. Up to 95%.
  • Suitable for swimming pools, playgrounds, shopping centre carparks and entertaining areas.
  • Available in 16 contemporary colours.

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Developed as an “install and forget” shade cloth, Monotec 370 Series shade cloth is the perfect solution for shade sails and structures. Uniquely made using only 100% round monofilament HDPE yarns, Monotec 370 Series provides consistent protection to people and property in the harsh Australian climate.

Monotec 370 Series shade cloth is resistant to UV rays and is supported by the industry's only 15 year warranty. The sturdy fabric construction of round monofilament yarns will not stretch over time assuring the integrity of your structure's stability for many years to come.

  • 100% Round Monofilament HDPE Yarn
  • NO Tape Yarn Used
  • NO Re-tensioning after installation
  • Market Leader for Strength
  • Strong wind resistance
  • Maintenance Free
  • Vandal Resistant
  • Industry Recognised
  • 14 Vibrant Colour Options
  • 100% Australian Made
  • 15 Year Warranty

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STAM 6002 allows every form of boldness in terms of shape and dimensions, while ensuring maximum structural resistance to elongation and tearing.

STAM 6002 composite material is distinctive due to its unique grainy aspect, recalling woven textile. Its matt finish minimises unwanted reflection.

In a variety of 15 colours of seemingly natural origin, STAM 6002 is available in plain, twin colour (1 face coloured/1 face beige) and rhythmically striped versions. The 2014 collection is enriched with an opaque version to meet black-out requirements on certain projects.

Unlike conventional textiles, STAM 6002 is not only hydrophobic, but is by nature (composite material) a truly 100% waterproof membrane, thereby preventing risks of impregnation by capillarity, which causes mould and loss of performance (elongation, deformation, bagging effect, fraying and tearing).

STAM 6002 benefits from state-of-the-art PVDF surface finish, ensuring long-term resistance to UV radiation and dirt: its surface appearance and original colours are durable, pollutants do not penetrate its fibres, and possible stains and soiling are easily removed.

A durable material, STAM 6002 composite membrane is:

  • 100% recyclable through the Serge Ferrari Texyloop® operational recycling network
  • Phthalate-free
  • Greenguard-certified
  • In compliance with current REACH regulations
  • Fire-rated (M2, B1, etc.)
  • Includes a 5-year warranty.

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Précontraint 502 Satin maintains all the renowned original qualities of the former Précontraint 502 range, namely a wide range of colours to ensure creative variety, high-performance protection against heat and bad weather and unmatched strength, now complemented by new aesthetic qualities (satin aspect and new colours) and even greater resistance to dirt. For all these reasons, Précontraint 502 Satin is an architectural element of choice; it is supplied with a 10-year warranty.

  • Exceptional dimensional stability.
  • Perfect tensioning and finish.
  • Shape that is retained at installation and over time.
  • Long lasting mechanical resistance.
  • Substantially extended life span.
  • High UV resistance.
  • Tear resistant.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Flame retardant.
  • Weatherproof.
  • Available in 40 colours.

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For information and colours on either of these fabrics, please see our downloads page

N.B. Although our sails are sturdy enough to stay out all year round, in order to prolong the life of your sail, we strongly advise that the sails be taken down for the winter months or if gale force winds and above are forecasted. However, we strongly recommend that you do not attempt to take these sails down during high winds.

To order or for a quotation for our bespoke range of sails, then please contact us

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