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Below is an extract from the Cancer Research UK SunSmart website:-

Malignant melanoma is the most serious type of skin cancer. It usually develops in cells in the outer layer of the skin. The first visible signs of this may be a change in the normal look or feel of a mole.

The latest statistics show that 11,767 cases of malignant melanoma were diagnosed in 2008 in the UK and the incidence of melanoma has gone up by more than four times since the 1970s. Rates of melanoma have risen faster than for any other cancer in the UK, and if current trends continue, it is anticipated that there will be around 15,500 cases of malignant melanoma diagnosed per year within the next 15 years.

Most skin cancer deaths, about 2,067 each year, are from malignant melanoma. In fact, there are more skin cancer deaths in the UK than in Australia, even though Australia has more cases of the disease.

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